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Unamusement Is Me
So, nonexistant viewers of my journal, we all heard about the incident or as I like to call it "The Post" on [info]deleterius. And I have to admit that I do agree somewhat with the reasons for keeping the icon up. However, I do believe that tricksyserpent could have been a lot less offensive with her reply than she was. Yeah, I know this is coming from a cynical bitch who isn't too kind too the fanfics she sporks but there's a fine line between courtesy and cruelty. So yeah... I'm considering leaving the community earlier than I wanted to and sporking on my own... but as you know, nonexistant viewers, the people who would actually watch my journal is well... nonexistant. So I'm doing what I do best: weighing the pros and cons of staying or leaving [info]deleterius.

If I stay...

- Sharing the humor of badfanfiction with fellow sporkers and viewers
- Guarantee that my sporks won't rot away in my journal viewed by no one

- Possible loss of viewers who have left the community due to "The Post"
- Loss of sporkers to discuss the bad fanfic with who have left the community due to "The Post"

If I go...

- More freedom in how I spork
- Sense of independence
- It's my playground ;)

- High guarantee the no one is going to view my sporks
- Possible loss of thrill when sporking since I will have no one to share that thrill with :(

I really don't know... So, off I go nonexistant viewers, I need some time to think about this.

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I followed you here from your comment on my post. I know that in the past I've been shit at commenting on sporks, except for a select few people's, but in light of this I'll friend anyone who leaves and read their sporks as much as my schedule allows. I don't want to make ~enemies~ with deleterius or anything, so I hope this doesn't come off as an ~evil~ attempt to drive away users, but I'm in your shoes (virtually no one will read my sporks now that I've left) and I'd like to help others out as much as I can, because... yeah, this situation is kind of all-around shitty.

It is a ~very~ shitty situation.

Even if no one else reads your sporks I can promise you ~I~ will :)

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