I'm Not Crazy, Just Devious

6 June
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I think I'm far too lazy to write a long, lengthy bio about myself... But I'll take a shot at it.

My real name remains anonymous to you but you can call me silentfantasia. Don't you dare call me fantasia or I will pluck your eye out and sell it online. I would tell you my age but if I did you'd probably laugh so for now it remains a secret.

My reason to creating this profile was so I could participate in something I love dearly: sporking the shit out of bad fanfics. Perhaps one day I'll make a sporking site of my own... but for now I am hooked to Deleterius and their epic battle of our sporks vs. the Sue's rainbows of doom!

What are rainbows of doom, you ask? To put it simply they are the power that every Sue contains, the one thing they use against us. They shoot the rainbows of doom that seem innocent until they've pummeled us to defeat. But we rise again, determined to never back down! For our sporks are strong as well as our indulgence!

One might ask why the hell I feel inclined to spork other people's fanfics? Because it's funny and helps fill up my life. Whilst I am stuck in the pitiful excuse for a town I must have some way to cope and sporking is my daily dose of satirical humor.

Now you, reader, are faced with the choice. Will you stay amongst the crowd who only laughs at or writes the bad fanfics, never expressing your thoughts toward it? Or will you brave the power of sporking and pick up one?

The choice is yours, reader.